Terapia Miłością - "Serce pełne miłości jest początkiem wszystkiego"

Wioletta-Cichocka-Terapia-MilosciaI am here, to help you, create a connection between you, your heart and your soul to bring you a happy life. A harmonious link with your mind. I will help you, and guide you to find your inside potential. To help you use the abilities that you have. You can create your own life the way you want it. your life is full of possibilities.

I am a therapist. I read from the aura, morphogenetic field and tissues. And looking to the past and the future, I help you create you a better today. I practice an Energetic Heart method. It is very powerful. It is a power of heart and love that helps remove all fears. It allows working with aura, energetic template and communicating with the Source – the Creator. I use my empathy and natural abilities. It all comes from my heart. I am full of sensitivity. I do not judge but show the way and possibilities. The choice is yours.

I help my clients and during the session, communicate with Source through my heart. Sometimes we get to the every nook and cranny of the being. It is all to achieve the power, the health and the clearness here and now. I will help you find yourself to live a life you’ve always wanted. To live in love, understanding, happiness and accomplishment.

The clients start to work with me when they are ready to make huge modifications in their lives. When they are ready to shoulder the responsibility of their lives. Thanks to the newest technology, I work with people all around the word, to help them recreate the connection with Source, brighten their life quality, find help and tell them why they are here. What is the road and the destination of their temporal journey. Where are they from and where do they go…

Are you ready to fulfill your life with love?
Are you ready to create your new, confident and happy you?
Do you want to brighten your emotional life, relationships with your partner, family and friends?

I can show you haw. I will give you the tools that are essential to achieve your purposes, dreams and aspirations. You have a power to create your own perfect life. I am here to show you how to achieve this.

Wioletta Cichocka

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