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Orgonite is a form of battery that generates orgon. Orgon is an energy that fulfills the whole universe, informing inorganic and organic matter.

Orgon – the form of “basic universal energy” discovered by Wilhelm Reich in the thirties. The analogous conception of great-matter/great-energy was propounded by Franciszek Rychnowski in twenties.

In his book (“Die Bione, 1938), Wilhelm Reich used the orgon and bions names. He also used other conceptions, analogous to Rychnowski, like bions observation method, electro mechanic nerve signal transmission in organisms and electric charges retaining in organisms.

Reich thought that libido conception, made by Freud, has real biological bases. It is connected with orgons and bions flowing through the organism. He also thought that many diseases lead to those mythological deficit and handicap its flowing. To prevent that, Reich invented “orgon battery”. This is a machine that was supposed to stimulate orgon flowing, improvement of health and sexual potency increase. By the years he improved those conceptions. He also researched on orgasm.

The Orgonite is made from organic and inorganic matter embedded in resin. They make strong energetic template, that transform negative energy into a healthy one.
Organic materials, like crystals consume scalar energy opposite to the metals that repel it. The push-pull effect produces friction. The energy retained in the crystal course magnetic polarization on its end points. Because of that, Orgonite always produces positive orgon (POR). Even if it is close negative factors. The crystal inside this device transforms negative energy DOR into positive energy POR. That’s why, Orgonite is always act well on living organisms.

The energy in template is very concentrated because of the pressure on every single part of materials embedded in resin. This course inside subsidence is a phenomenon. When it gets to the zero point it come The Big Bang. At this time, the Orgonite radiates clear energy in great speed.

Orgonite’s facilities:

  • clears up drinking water, ponds and rivers
  • nullifies electromagnetic smog, harmful chemical vibrations, negative watercourse radiation
  • harmonizes, tones, vitalizes; that’s why we feel great, full of life and fresher than ever
  • inspires creativity, strength and life energy
  • tones up human bio-field that helps in curing many diseases
  • cures body, mind and emotions
  • lifts the mood and buffers depression
  • boosts mental abilities like voluntary dreaming
  • you can use it inside and outside, at home and at work 🙂

You must remember of clearing and loading orgonites!

Every Orgonite has its capacity and if it is in much polluted community, like geopathogenic zone, TV (where we can see mainly fear and violence), electric and electrogenic devices or near a big city or power plant, it can become full. That’s why we recommend putting the Orgonite under running water for 5 to 10 minutes. During that, you ask/proof the water to clear up the Orgonite rid it from negative energy. You can also clean yourself the same way taking cold shower. The colder the water is, the better. The cold water can take all the negative energy with her, cleaning the Orgonite. If you can, put the Orgonite directly in the sun where it can load. During this transparent crystal like amethyst, pink quartz or citrine can blanch. It does not affect on the Orgonite. Similar to the sun works the moon in bright night.


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