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The health pen’s


The health pen mainly serves as an ache eliminator which is found in the entire body. It works like a pill but it is much faster (you need only a few seconds). Because of the cell memory the long lasting pain, which is common with chronic diseases, comes back. Health pen is not going to treat you after one using. It is a long lasting process. To save all the changes, your body needs about days. You should use a pen more than 20 minutes per day. You can hold it with you anywhere or sleep with it.

All the features of the health pens, you can find down below, were characterized by Wioletta Cichocka (terapiamiloscia.pl) and are the extra ones. Heath Pens are made from copper and covered with a nano-layer (black). They do duty as an aerial which collects energy (plasma) and directs it into your body and usher energetic balance. To eliminate pain or cure the organism, you should put a health pen at the morbidly changed place it at the reflexology points at your hands and feet. You can also hold it between your hands and touching with your fingers in the following order: with your left hand finger, hold the sharp ending of the pen and with your right hand finger hold the circular ending. Your hands mustn’t touch for the balanced energy wheel. in this position you can also program your health pen and give him specific features by the intension.

This product is an individual tool, and you should not give it to anybody else to use. It is connected with collecting else’s emotions which can be adverse to you. On the other hand, you can put your health pen on somebody else’s body helping to cure them. You can also help animals with it.
We can single two mail types of the health pen out. The first one is called the Closed one. It has one of the endings circled. It gives you energy. The second one is called Opened. Both of the endings in it are straight. It takes away bad energy. You should use it up to 30 minutes per day because it can make you fatigue. You can put it to your body with the ending but the best resultants you will get using the straight site. Of course you can do whatever you want and check how it works on you. Everybody is different. You mustn’t take the pen out of the package. The nano-layer is too energetic for our body so it is forbidden to touch it directly. What is more the layer can be damaged so the features can lessen.

With a health pen you also get a patch which increases its treating effect. They are two soaked clouts with a CO2 gans water. While putting them to the body, they effectuate specific kind of energetic balance. This is how to use it. You should put one patch at the aching place on your body. The second one you put on the opposite side. E.g. when you feel a spine ache, put one patch (and the health pen) on your back and the second one on your stomach. You can hold it until the pain stops or longer. You can also use patches without a pen but you need to secure the plastic bag from damaging. You can use your patch kit with different health pens.

IMPORTANT. The patches mustn’t be given to anybody else after using. They are only for you. You should not take them out from the plastic bag because after drying they lose their features.

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